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Click here to view our baby carrier comparison to see the different Baby Tula carrier options and find the baby carrier is best for you and your baby! For More Information on Babywearing. To locate a Babywearing International Chapter group of Volunteer Babywearing Educators in your area, please visit: http//
Babywearing International Bringing together babywearers everywhere.
All BWI chapters are led by Volunteer Babywearing Educators VBEs with extensive knowledge of different types of baby carriers and babywearing safety, and Chapter Support Volunteers CSVs that aid the chapter in non-educational tasks. While Babywearing International chapters do not sell or endorse specific brands of baby carriers, most chapters maintain lending libraries so that members and attendees can try a variety of carriers to determine what meets their individual needs.

We are a social enterprise which aims to promote the use of slings and baby carriers babywearing, to share the benefits for parents and babies and to help all parents access support via sling meets, libraries and trained Babywearing Peer Supporters and Babywearing Consultants.
Babywearing Wikipedia.
In the wearing of newborns in particular, the mothers oxytocin levels are increased through the physical contact with the infant, leading to a more intimate maternal bond, easier breastfeeding and better care, thus lowering the incidence of postpartum depression and psychosomatic illness in the mother; 2 similarly, the father carrying the baby has benefits for the paternal bond.
Babywearing: Everything You Need To Know to Wear Your Baby Safely In Style.
The obvious benefit of baby wearing is convenience. If baby is in a carrier you can accomplish daily chores while knowing baby is safe and happy. Also, wearing a baby can allow you to go places strollers cant hiking, stairs, etc.
All about slings: The pros and cons of baby-wearing Kidspot.
That means both parents need to try the sling on, too. In a 2012 CHOICE Australia survey involving 1006 parents, 23 percent of dads reported noticeable discomfort, the baby almost falling out or even injury to the baby when wearing a carrier or sling.
The History of Babywearing and Modern Slings Slingbabies Baby Slings and Baby Carriers.
Each country/area of the world has a traditional baby carrier designed to meet their particular needs, i.e. hot/cold climate, type of work mothers do, cultural/traditional wearing positions. For instance Mexican people use the Rebozo, which is a square of woven cloth tied over one shoulder with baby usually on the back sometimes called a Chal, depending on the length.

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